Other Erreka Fastening Solutions

Erreka Fastening Solutions provide other services which answer directly to the customerĀ“s needs

EFS on-site solutions

If you have an incident or you want to solve a problem in your instalations:

  • Erreka will analyze your problem with an on-site check. 
  • We will propose the best solution backed with a technical report. 
  • If necessary, we will build a prototype based on the proposed solution. 
  • We will carry out the repair supervising your team or using our resources.

Control and certification of your tightening method

  • We will check your current tightening method;  i.e. in an assembly line.
  • We will propose the best tightening method taking into account your needs; balancing precision, efficiency and process cost.
  • We will propose a system that will verify that the tightening will be maintained according to the recommended parameters over time.

Test benches in order to certify EFS solutions

  • EFS in collaboration with ULMA Piping  has been set up a test bench   in order to validate our own design solution in the Oil and Gas Field; It is a whole solution including flange, gasket and bolted joint.
  • EFS is participating in Windbox. It is an Advanced Manufacturing center where are tested the most innovative solutions available for big wind turbines, specially for offshore.
  • EFS proposes to carry out bench tests specific to the customer´s problem.  We will built and set up these facilities, we will manage the tests and propose solutions depending on the results of the tests. 


EFS certification for your tightening quality

In order to facilitate your relationship with external certifiers in the commissioning of your equipment or installation, we certify joint tightening with the i-bolt® . We will detail the date, operator, tightening load in kN and precision.